Student Spotlight- Olugbenga Joseph

  • Name: Olugbenga Joseph
  • Year: 2016
  • Concentration: Education Studies

1. What type of fellowship/research experiences have you been involved with during your time in college?
Junior year, I was selected as Brown’s Newman Civic Fellow, an awesome fellowship awarded to students who make civic engagement an integral part of their undergraduate experience. Also, I have conducted research at a developmental psychology lab at Brown with UTRA funding. Currently, I’m doing research with a professor in the Education Studies department.

2. How did you find out about these opportunities?
I was nominated by a member of Brown faculty for the Newman Fellowship. Regarding my Brown experiences at Brown I’d say: READ MORNING MAIL! It will change your life. Also, subscribe to the listservs of different academic departments, Jobmail, etc.

3.What is your favorite part about being a Newman fellow?
I love the network of other-oriented leaders that I get to learn with and from through Newman. Further, the fellowship allows me eligible for additional fellowships, one of which I am currently completing…

4. How has being involved with this fellowship shaped your future goals and plans?
My research experiences have only solidified my desire to enter academia when I’m older. Meanwhile, the Newman has reminded me of the necessity of integrating myself into every community inhabit. Wherever I find myself in the future, I know I will always be looking for opportunities to remain civically engaged.

5. Any advice for students looking to apply for fellowships?
 3 things.
First, start early. Or, to quote a friend, “start yesterday”. Writing , in my experience, will always take longer than you anticipate.
Furthermore, ask for help. I went to the writing center every week for one semester to work on my writing for applications. There, I learned how to succinctly summarize my experiences, articulate my strengths, and create a convincing case for myself. It’s proven to be extremely helpful!
Finally, don’t “disqualify” yourself from any opportunity. Unless you have a compelling reason NOT to apply for a fellowship that interests you, go for it! You might be surprised with the outcome.

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