Application Tips with the CareerLab’s Jim Amspacher

1. What review committees are you involved with at Brown?
Currently on Truman Committee and the Social Innovations Fellowship Committee. In the past I have been a reader for the iProv and LINK awards.

2. When should students begin thinking about these opportunities?
I think most students don’t think about it until the fall of their Junior years. It would be better if they started thinking about it no later than the second semester Sophomore year.
Students have thought about (and applied and won the award) starting in their first semester on campus!
LINK and iProv
Start planning your search and pulling together your application materials over January break.

3. What characteristics make an application particularly compelling in your eyes?
Detailed stories about experiences that make you a good fit for that particular award. Directly and clearly answering the questions in the prompts from the application. Recommendation letters from people who have worked with the applicant on the job/research/project that the recommender is writing about.

4. Any tips for potential applicants?
Make it easy on the reviewers. Narrative is good, but clarity is better.
Seek out MANY advisors/friends/mentors to review your application.

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