Student Spotlight – Jacqueline Agustin


Name: Jacqueline Agustin

Year: 2018

Concentration: Health and Human Biology/ Pre-med

Jacqueline has been a research assistant for a project through the Education department, done an independent study, been a research associate through the Green and Healthy Homes Institute, and participated in the Summer Health Professions Education Program. Read on to hear about Jacqueline’s experiences as a researcher and pre-med student.


What kind of research experiences, internships, or fellowships have you been involved with during college?

I’ve had a few experiences both at Brown and outside of Brown. During my first semester at Brown, I became a Research Assistant for a project in the Education Department that focuses on education beliefs. At the time, it seemed like a far cry from my interests but I decided to contact the PI (Principal Investigator) because of how strongly I felt the project resonate with my life as a child of immigrant parents. I remained an RA for three semesters, culminating in an Independent Study, where I integrated my work and my life experiences into a paper.

The summer after my freshman year, I spent my time as a part-time Research Associate for the Green and Healthy Homes Institute, researching and editing data for a website focused on compiling Rhode Island- specific information on things such as housing policies and general health concerns to help address health hazards. The summer after that I attended the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at the University of Washington (now Summer Health Professions Education Program). For anyone who is pre-med and is freshman or sophomore, I highly recommend SHPEP.

How have these experiences shaped your goals and plans for the future?

These experiences have helped me explore fields I had not been able to experience before and to integrate them into my experience at Brown and into my growing perspective as a pre-med student. It has also encouraged me to keep exploring fields, because I feel that this has helped me become more well-rounded and able to solve problems using multiple perspectives.

What was your favorite part of or an interesting story about a research experience, internship, or fellowship you participated in?


One of my favorite experiences in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program was shadowing and being able to work with my peers to evaluate resources within a specific community. We discussed the connection of having a variety of resources in a community with quality of health. Shadowing really opened my eyes to certain aspects of healthcare I didn’t think about before and to the need of healthcare professionals who are aware of potential barriers, big and small, to maintaining good health.

Do you have any advice for students looking to potentially pursue opportunities similar to what you’ve pursued?

Don’t be dissuaded by how selective or challenging an opportunity may seem to be, definitely apply if you’re very passionate about gaining that experience. Also, don’t be afraid to contact professors if you’re interested in what they’re doing and want to get involved, that’s how I got my first position as an RA. Subscribe to mailing lists that post opportunities, such as the Health Careers listserv, concentration listservs, CareerLab, etc.


New Beginnings


Hello! My name is Victor Bramble and I am the new coordinator for Fellowships, Internships, and Research experiences (FIRe) at the Curricular Resource Center and the new author (coordinator? steward?) of the CRC FIRe Blog.

Mya has left  a tremendous legacy with her work in this role last year and I hope to honour that legacy while expanding the role and this blog in my own way.

So we can begin with introductions. As it says on the CRC website (is this advertising?), I am currently a senior studying Ethnic Studies and Modern Culture and Media. My research focuses on digital media and in particular the power of digital media technologies wield given their evolution from histories of colonialism and violence. Right now I am working on research into the way violence committed by police officers is archived online as well as research into the circulation of images of Black death on social media.

In my role as FIRe coordinator I hope to continue and expand Mya’s vision for this role to make different fellowship and research opportunities more visible and more accessible to all students. When I say this, I mean that I want to work intentionally to help underrepresented minority students, First Generation and Low-Income college students, and any other student who has been made to feel like the things they are interested in and the work they want to do is unimportant or not worth supporting. I want to affirm that you have ideas that are worthwhile and there are opportunities out there that can help you pursue them.

Now I recognize that these are big goals and so to work towards accomplishing them I will be continuing to develop this Blog, holding my hours in the CRC (which you can view here), and doing other collaborative programming between the CRC and other university centers.

This Blog will continue to have primarily 3 types of posts:

  • Opportunity Spotlights
  • Student Spotlights
  • Application tips

In my hours you can also come talk to me about thinking about research and fellowship opportunities, developing your research questions, and how to apply for different opportunities as well as more general advising on your classes, life, the open curriculum, etc.

If you’re reading this, I hope to see you in the office or hear from you over email at some point over the next few months, even if you feel like you don’t have your questions narrowed down to something very specific.