There are a number of resources for finding fellowship, internships, research, and job opportunities both here at Brown and more broadly. Here I will go through some of these, linking to other posts on this website and across the web.

As you begin thinking about planning your summer I recommend looking at our post on organizing yourself to best approach the search and application process here.

For help with finding fellowships, internships, and research experiences I would generally direct you to our post outlining the different major databases and the differences between them. If you are a student from a Historically Underrepresented Group, usually encompassing Underrepresented Minority, First-Generation College, and Low-income students, you can check out our list of targeted Fellowship, Internship, and Research opportunities here.

Once you’ve applied to different opportunities you should also begin to think about how you will live in the place you intend to research or work. I recommend looking at our post on finding summer housing in addition to getting more information from upperclassmen you know who may have livedn the city you are trying to live and work in.

This will also be the point where you may find gaps in your funding including things like travel costs, moving costs, and other associated costs related to making it actually feasible to do whatever you have been rewarded. I recommend looking into the E-Gap funds available on UFunds and seeing if any of the funding sources sound like they would be able to meet your needs.